Contrasts set sophisticated accents



Bright orange and radiant blue tones are the reason why even immaculate white shows its effect. Contrasts that support each other instead of trying to outdo to shine. A symbol of love itself.

We are impressed by the talent of event planners Rita and Bruna of Muza Weddings to lighten elegance and playfulness and the art of blending different textures under the aspect of harmony with a great sense of style and aesthetics. Together with a dedicated team, the two created a concept in which elements with romantic and minimalist touches can stand out in perfection without being opulent.

The modern vision finds its completion in the unique images of Momento Cativo.

From Rita and Bruna of Muza Weddings: “This type of styled shoot works as a creative challenge for us, and we have so much liberty that we can choose to go with the flow and simply create what comes to our minds. So, it was a good opportunity to create something different and more conceptual, where the spray-painted installations of flowers, as well as the bright orange and deep blue colors, assume the main role of the styling.

As these are such outstanding elements, we wanted that everything else was sober, for a very modern yet sophisticated final result. We can notice that from the styling of the table, where besides the tablecloth most of the elements are white and we just have small touches of fresh flowers, to the bridal look, where despite some bold elements like the blue eyeliner and the big gold earrings, ends up being very sober because of this beautiful minimal dress from Savannah Miller.

When we create something we always look for a balance, we like to use bold elements, but combining them with a more sober approach is the key to find perfect harmony.

That was exactly what we wanted with this styled shoot, design something fresh and different but elegant and sophisticated at the same time.”


Planning, Styling, Graphic Design, Floral Design and Props: Muza Weddings 
Photography: Momento Cativo
Cake Design: Migalha Doce 
Dahlias Cafe au Lait: Eira

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