Country wedding in Belgium

Nina and Hugo had originally envisioned a tent wedding, but when they discovered the Ferme de Baligue, they fell in love with the location and immediately planned a country wedding. They liked a classic style and chose white, pastel abricot and dove blue as their wedding colors.

The couple organized their wedding on their own, without a wedding planner. Instead, they had loving help from family and friends. The day before the wedding, the two of them brought a few things to the location and set up decorations together.

The styling was also done on location in the stylish country location. As tradition says that borrowing something brings good luck, Nina borrowed her mother’s pearl earrings. The bride looked enchanting in her airy and elegant wedding dress by Rosa Clara. The groom in a tailor-made suit from Suitsupply waited outside the house for his bride for the “first look”, the moment when the groom sees the bride for the first time. Some couples enjoy this as a couple before the wedding ceremony. Nina and Hugo shared this special highlight with their closest family and friends, who stood around and rejoiced.

The ceremony continued in the traditional way: the groom came in with his mother and the bride with her father. The groomsmen played the song“Can’t help falling in love”. In front of the wedding arch, there was a touching ceremony with speeches from both mothers and a personal vow to each other. To celebrate the couple, the guests scattered lavender and flowers over the happy couple as they made their exit. The wedding ceremony was originally supposed to take place outside, but as the weather didn’t allow it, the ceremony was set up inside. In retrospect, everyone found this room particularly beautiful and very intimate.

In the afternoon, the weather brightened up and the couple was accompanied by photographer Elisabeth Van Lent, who took some beautiful couple photos. In the meantime, the room could be rearranged so that the guests could sit at long tables for dinner with the pretty wedding arch by florist Céline from Essence of Shade in the background. This was made of wood draped with dove-blue fabric and decorated with white, pastel flowers and green leaves, which were also found in abundance on the long table. The couple enjoyed a wonderful evening with their guests until late into the night.

To sum up the planning, Nina and Hugo give the following advice: “I would say don’t stress too much, even though it’s easier said than done… not everything will be perfect, but the most important thing is that you are with the right person for the rest of your life. And try to sleep, we couldn’t!”

Photography: Elisabeth Van Lent

Location: Ferme de Balingue

Wedding dress: Rosa Clara from JPC Collection

Groom suit: Suitsupply

Catering: Great Traiteur

Florist: Céline from Essence of Shade

Stationery: Design of the bride, printed by Handley

Make-up & Hair: Vivyane Dewals

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