Covered in Blossoms


In just a single breath Sue Neuenschwander of Comme Soie delve with her styling into another world that welcomes us with unprecedented details, uniting the most beautiful aspects of untouched nature and the haven of home.

Surreal yet so genuine; unusual yet so familiar. We linger in order to be seduced. Seduced by the exclusivity of the backdrop, the eccentricity of the clothes, the splendour of the blossoms and uniqueness of the whole.

Paris is just a blink of the eye away and can be conjured up vividly wherever we are through the power of the imagination. Wall-length windows refract the light only slightly; the stucco on the walls and doors reflect the flux of the times. It is as though this place had fallen into a Sleeping Beauty slumber, kissed awake gently by the brides. All around, the flowers and vines that have taken possession of this place now burst into bloom.

A ladder is the central element that connects the brides. They stand arm in arm, giving each other support, playing with the delicate buds that decorate each rung. Great bouquets with bright blossoms lie in their arms like enchanted clarinets. They close their eyes as though listening to a shared song that plays only in their heads as soon as they lean in close to each other.

A gently shimmering light permeates the light curtains. The walls are held in a matted white. They provide a dignified background for the brides who want to present their unique selves against this backdrop. They lie on a field of tulle and are covered in blossoms. Their glances tell tales of intimacy, their gestures speak of unity. Only to fall into a thousand-year sleep just moments later…

Whatever is taking place in the context of this first-class fine art photography of Brumley & Wells: we don’t want to interrupt.




PHOTOGRAPHY: Brumley & Wells Photography
PRODUCTION, VISUAL CONCEPT & STYLING: Sue Neuenschwander by Comme Soie
CAPES: Pallas Couture Crystal Shoulder Adornment and Lakshmi Cape by Gibson Bespoke
NECKLACE: Astaire Necklace by Gibson Bespoke
DRESSES: Inbal Dror, Carol Hannah, Issa London, Twobirds Bridesmaid
SKIRT: Twobirds Bridesmaid
RIBBONS: Silk & Willow
MODELS Tamina with Biba Model Management and Ella with Scout Model Agency


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