A Sunday Morning For Love


This one day, when no alarm rings, is a Sunday morning for love. Opening eyes side by side and squinting against the young sun.

Smell, see and feel each other. Sink into closeness and tenderness together. Not only for this morning but for the rest of the day.

A light hunger lures the enamored couple out of the bed. However, the kitchen is also a nice place for two to cuddle.

Gently her hands stroke his chest. Skin on skin – nothing tingles as pleasingly, nothing makes connectedness more noticeable.

Lovingly he kisses her forehead, getting her real close to him. Meaningfully, he looks deeply into her eyes, as if their hearts needed no words…

Far too often we forget in everyday life how easy it can be to celebrate love. This amazing Tyler Rye Workshop reminds us impressively.

This time on his side: event stylist Ginny Au. With her admirable sense of coherent motives, she created an authentically cozy atmosphere, which awakens the desire for such a Sunday morning in us.

Photographer Sierra Ashleigh dived completely into this harmoniously staged world and returned with theses wonderful pictures, which she proudly presents us now.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




Photographer: Sierra Ashleigh Photography
Film Lab: Photo Vision 
Stylist & Planner: Ginny Au 
Workshop: Tyler Rye
Floral Designer: Ponderosa & Thyme 
Dress Designer: Cathy Telle 
Accessories: Enchanted Atelier By Liv Hart 
Venue: Historic Reed House, Manzanita, Oregon
Hair & Makeup Artist: Austie Eckley 
Calligraphy: Jenny Sanders 
Ribbon & Table Runner: FrouFrou Chic 
Paper: Farmette Press 
Rings: Victor Barbone Jewelry 
Rentals: Classic Vintage Rentals 
Table Ceramics: Notary Ceramics 
Styling Surface: Pilgram & Co shop 
Styling Surface: Simply Rooted Surfaces




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