In every flower waits enchantment, an adventure. What meaning does this or that flower have? Is a flower associated with faithfulness, love or hope?

A bridal bouquet is the mirror of a woman’s feelings. It combines seasons and moods and tells stories about hopes and dreams. When the guests enter the hall, they want to be beguiled by a flood of flowers, by a perfume that stretches for miles – into eternity.

Wedding florist Astrid Mayer, comes from a family of gardeners. As a child, every stone and every flower was a treasure to her. A treasure to be kept in the heart. This love of experimentation lives on in the flower arrangements at her bouquet business.

Wild plants, dazzling flowers, tall candles and rustic vases come together there. Green, red, yellow and white flowers see each other there, possibly for the first time. Everything is brought into harmony with respect for every single flower.

Every element is a part of the overall concept. Like the lavender bush swathed in natural fabric. The little cactuses bound into a composition of green plants. Or a dark green myrtle lying on a white plate.

Astrid Mayer, puts all her love, her whole attention, into her art. Every color releases something. It wants to excite, it wants to calm, it wants to bring love closer to us. Green touches the heart.

Every bride and groom has different ideas. This makes Astrid Mayer’s job very varied. Flowers influence the guests’ conversations, thoughts, dreams and wishes.

Every wedding is different, just as people are, just as every single flower in a meadow is – even if they all seem to look the same. But the day ends as fast as it started. It swims away with the delicate flowers.

In photographer  Manuela Kalupar  she found an evenly talented artist who captured her floral inspirations on camera.

Text: Laura Elisa Nunziante


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KONZEPT + FOTOGRAFIE: Manuela Kalupar Photography
FLORISTIK: Astrid Mayer Blumenbinderei
KLEID: Maliparmi by Kronlachner Hair Style Fashion
HAARE: Kronlachner Hair Style Fashion
MAKE-UP: Die Macherei
KALLIGRAPHY: Vanessa Otto – Vanportrait
PROPS: Die Macherei und Astrid Mayer Blumenbinderei
LOCATION: Seewalchen, Attersee




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