Cuba Love


Black as coal her hair rests on her shoulder, white like an angel she floats about the city. Leaves of vivid green protect sensitive buds that bloom in the arms of the bride in tender shades of light pink resembling her peachy pale skin.

Imposing architecture and vivid colors meet impressive size and flawless beauty. Timeless elegance and beaming antiquity blend with classic romance and graceful modernity.

With the unique scenery of Cuba in the background the incomparable fine art photographer Greer Gattuso focused together with the stylist Ginny Au on a bride whose grace and presence is hard to beat.

With her pictures Greer captures the exciting interplay between fascinating perspectives and graceful poses without losing sight of the historic details of the city.

Come to Cuba with us to marvel at a voluminous dress all in white, fancy classic cars, colorful flower arrangements, passionate emotions and so much more – artfully captured by the great artist Greer Gattuso.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FLOWERS: Bows and Arrows Flowers
DRESS: Cortana by Loho Bride
RIBBON: Frou Frou Chic


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