Activities like loving cuddling in bed, familiar gestures during breakfast and playing music on the couch let the love between Victoria and Will grow and prosper.

A couple that seems to float on a cloud of harmony and to swim with a wave of affection. Two young people who understand each other without words but do not seem complete without the closeness of the other.

He kisses her hand in love, dreamily she strokes his hair. Enchanted by her charm, he sinks into her eyes, protected by his strength she sinks into his arm.  

Laughing, romping, living and singing feels the best in your own four walls. This is where the togetherness is at its greatest and the stress of everyday life at its smallest…

Soon it was clear that there´s only one perfect place in this world for their engagement shooting with Callie Manion . „Victoria and Will told me how they love to stay at home curled up under a blanket on the couch reading or playing music.“ the photographer revealed.

So it was very important to create an authentic ambience and make the moments seem as natural as possible. Cozy, casual and relaxed, exactly what they like.

„I love how these engagements photos are not overly styled.“ Callie Manion raves. „One of my favorites of those moments was when Victoria reached toward Will and lightly grazed his neck with her fingertips. It is these natural, subtle gestures that are at the heart of everyday romance, and provide a window into the sweet, authentic connection of the couple.“

Thanks to her great sensitivity Callie Manion managed to capture exactly these special moments and eternalized them on stunning pictures for us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Callie Manion Photography
FILM LAB: PhotoVision
STYLING: Lindsey Zamora
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Quynh Hair & Makeup Artistry



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