A walk through Salzburgs beautiful old city offers a wide variety of historic buildings and sculptures. Little alleys tell exciting stories about bygone eras and a short ride on the Mönchsberg allows an unbelievable view over the history-charged city.

Dali and Darren are huge fans of the classic movie „The Sound of Music” which was actually filmed in Salzburg. So they decided to celebrate their engagement here and to get blown away by the city´s flair.

Together with the great photographer Siegrid Cain they strolled through the old city on a hot day in July.

You can tell from their smiling faces how much they are in love and how much they enjoyed their common time.

Dali´s and Darren´s start into a happy future was captured on emotional and dreamlike pictures by Siegrid Cain that fascinated us right away…

Translation: Marina Jenewein

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