Dancing Love Play


The dance of two lovers is like a dream where passion becomes a rhythmical confession of love on the wave of melody.

Love knows many languages. Ballet is one of them. No other kind of dance could have declared the love of this exceptional wedding ensemble more perfectly.

And that´s how a dancing love play becomes a magical love story told by his and her heart without saying a word. Photographer Karolina Horner captured these moments for us on camera.

“The Sleep Of Love” is a ballet about Sleeping Beauty which probably couldn´t fit better into this dreamy wedding inspiration.

The kiss of true love brings both of them back into life. To enjoy love and luck with another and the pure glee that comes with it. Every single powerful rotation shows artfully the dancer´s love for dancing and their partner.

The bride wears a dreamlike wedding dress by Rue de Seine available at Ivory Isle that dances loose and playfully to the sound of classic melodies in the wind. It´s a truly fabulous bridal look poetically inspired by a headband from Verhutung.

A bridal bouquet in light pink pastel colors by Blumenwerkstatt is always on her side. Yes, this is how love must smell like.

And yes, we totally fell in love with these pictures by Karolina Horner that make us feel this special wedding magic. Let´s get carried away by the bridal couple´s sensual ballet dance until we all can feel the rhythm of love…

Text: Yvonne Pusch, Translation: Marina Jenewein 


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FOTOGRAFIE: Karolina Horner – kalinkaphoto
KLEID: Rue de Seine von Ivory Isle
MAKE-UP: Julia Mikulitsch
BLUMEN: Blumenwerkstatt, Wien
MODELS: Maria Yakovleva und Richard Szabo



kalinkaphoto-klein ivoryisle-klein







   kalinkaphoto                                 Ivory Isle


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