A good-morning-kiss lets time stand still. His bright eyes and her blessed smile make the world revolve solely around them. Relishing the moment, staying in bed all huddled up to one another, feeling close to each other.

Not having to get up early – that’s the beauty of a lazy Sunday morning. Being at liberty to get up for an ample breakfast which tastes best in bed. No appointments, no commitments, just time for love to nourish and cherish.

Reading, painting, cooking – these literally moving pictures produced by videographer Maria Bushaeva and the corresponding images by photographer Sergey Bulychev show impressively how sensuous a day at home can be.

„Sunday morning with your beloved one, so tender and light hearted. When you can easily keep silent with each other, smiling within your souls and letting this smile shine through your eyes. When you listen to his heart and understand that your love can hardly be deeper than for this man on this very Sunday morning. Our story „Daydreaming“ is right about this intense closeness.“ videographer Maria Bushaeva raves about this project.

With the creative support of  Bride Tips the team created a wonderfully authentic atmosphere that soaks us right into this gorgeous world of pictures dreaming about the upcoming Sunday…

Translation: Marina Jenewein

daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0005 daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0006daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0035daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0007daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0003


daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0013 daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0014 daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0015 daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0015a daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0016 daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0017 daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0018

daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0020 daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0021 daydreaming-liebesshooting-zu-hause_0022


VIDEOGRAPHY: Maria Bushaeva
PHOTOGRAPHY: Sergey Bulychev
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Elena Erina
COUPLE: Maria + Alexey


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