Dazzling Dreams Collection By Tilda Knopf Bridal


If you are one of those brides who have jazz running through their veins and love the zest for life of the exciting 20´s, then you really have to take a close look at the new Dazzling Dreams Collection by Tilda Knopf Bridal .


The Label

Tilda Knopf Bridal is a young, emerging bridal fashion label from Berlin with which the stylist Virginie Henzen wants to revolutionize the industry. With her first own collection, Dazzling Dreams, she is now well on the way there. Up to now, her wedding dresses are exclusively available in the Berlin showroom as well as in the boutique Le Boudoir in Berlin – Friedrichshain and at the bridal shop Elbbraut in Hamburg, which makes her unique designs even more popular.


The Collection

With her Dazzling Dreams Collection, Virginie Henzen refers primarily at those of you who want their wedding day to have a little of that grand style of the infamous 1920´s where the nights were long and the dance floors were full. Where champagne was bon tone and women’s fashion was extravagant, sassy and sexy and yet always cut an elegant and stylish figure.


The Designs

The six extraordinary designs in the collection of Tilda Knopf could not be more different and yet have so much in common. They are all inspired by the glamorous robes of the roaring 20´s and enchant with elaborate pearl and lace embroidery. They are all handcrafted and tailor-made, with great emphasis on the finest materials and the highest quality.

The focus of the new Tilda Knopf Bridal Collection is the wedding dress “Frida“, which alone stands out in color from the other designs. The multi-layer dress surprises with a warm apricot tone, a heart-shaped neckline and filigree, ivory-colored embroidery. Due to its atypical color and unusual cut it’s the perfect fit for solemn occasions even after the wedding.

If you would rather have a submarine cut-out staging your shoulders, the models “Anita“, “Louise” and “Gertrude” are suitable. “Margot” on the other hand awaits you with a round neckline.

And if you are looking for a simple design with a wow effect, then the best option is “Gloria“, which will delight you with the combination of a beaded top made of lace and a purist, simple skirt.

Together with her team consisting of hair and make-up artist Marlen Elstner and stylist Nicole Petsch, label founder Virginie Henzen has now presented her very first collection and staged it in front of David Nassim of Ruby Loves Jack’sk camera. On our virtual catwalk you may now admire each model in more detail and choose your favorite.



Brautmode: TILDA KNOPF Bridal
Fotografie: David Nassim – Ruby Loves Jack
Hair & Make-up: Marlen Elstner 
Styling: Nicole Petsch

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