Desert Bride with Oriental Flair


“Looking at my life
I see that only Love
has been my soul’s companion.
From deep inside
my soul cries out:
Do not wait, surrender
for the sake of Love”


Step by step, she wanders along the dune ridge, taking us into the foreign world of a desert bride.

Before her lies nothing but inhuman drought, around her only merciless silence. And yet she recognizes in every grain of sand, in every blade of grass and in every tree, the unbroken will to live.

She lives unconditionally. She lives unconventionally. She lives infinitely. Just like she loves…

With these bridal inspirations, an ode to beauty and freedom, Fine Art photographer Celine Chhuon inspires us today.

Her expressive images take us to the Far East, enchanting us with oriental flair and familiarizing us with an unfamiliar side of aesthetics.

We see the bride with different eyes. Far away from Western traditions, she wears black instead of white, a headscarf instead of a veil. Authentic and stylishly selected by stylist Ruzaina Hadgie.

Equally perfect the extraordinary stationery by Crimson Letters complements the overall picture and blends colors, shapes and the Orient.

So we sit back, relax and enjoy the excursion into an exotic culture as we sink with you into the picture gallery of Celine Chhuon.




PHOTOGRAPHER Celine Chhuon Photography
STYLING Ruzaina Hadgie
STATIONERY Crimson Letters
FILM LAB Carmencita Film Lab
MODEL Kazaya


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