Desert Sun


“And still, after all this time,
The sun never says to the earth,
“You owe Me.”

Look what happens with
A love like that,
It lights the Whole Sky.” 

– Hafez –


Are you ready for some fireworks of bridal inspirations? Then look forward to extraordinary bridal gowns, unique locations and exciting motifs as we take in the fantastic work of Fine Art artist Jeremy Chou.

He told us how everything started: „The rustic nature of the venue Korakia Pensione was the main inspiration for this editorial. We wanted to pair the light and bright walls and the rustic tones on the property together to cohesively connect the light and dark tones for a magical feast for the eyes.“

What sounds like poetry was so much more than that in the end. It was about paying homage to the beauty of a woman. About the harmony between bride and groom. About the symbiosis of man, nature and architecture.

And abput three breathtaking wedding dresses that the team around producer and stylist Carrie Moe of Type a Society staged with dedication and intuition: „We wanted the Eisen Stein romantic gown to be shot in the full sunlight as it let in the bright light. We loved how the gown played with the wind and created magic with the pampas grass particles that blew around.“photograhper Jeremy explained and added: „For the Toni Maticevski gown, we brought the gown to the straight lines and geometric shapes that the stairs created and loved how it brought out hint of a modern touch. With it’s one shoulder sleeve and fun ruffle on the side, the gown paired nicely with our grooms black suite.

As is often in life they saved the best for last. And for good reason, as we learn: „We knew that we needed to save the biggest visual impact for the last shot and we waited till the sun was setting and casted a nice soft glow on the property. We asked the floral artist Felisa Of the Flowers to create a sun goddess headpiece for us and got this masterpiece. After seeing how much visual space the amazing headpiece took up, we knew the Sophie Et Voila Gown with it’s queenly sleeves would match perfectly.

And that´s how it was. With the combination of opulence and simplicity, the team literally crowned their visions and ended the day with a brilliant finale.

Dive with us and become a part of these spectacular bridal inspirations that Jeremy Chou captured so artfully especially!



Desert Sun // Palm Springs Bridal Editorial from Robert Michael Films


Photographer: Jeremy Chou
Producer and Stylist: Carrie Moe of Type a Society
Florist: Of the Flowers
Hair and Makeup: Amy Clarke
Gowns pulled from Loho Bride and Eisen Stein Bridal
Invitation: Carta Plena
Video: Robert Michael Films
Earrings: Lili Claspe and Stil Works
Shoes: Madewell
Tabletop: Greystone Table
Ring boxes: Voeu du coeur
Prop kit: The Styled Kit
Styling mat: JRD Artshop
Floral pedestals: Lavenders Flowers