Will you be my bridesmaid?


“Will you be my bridesmaid?” – whenever a bride asks this question to one or more of her friends, the feeling of connection and friendship reaches a new level.

A level on which the treasure of shared experiences and beautiful memories is enriched by further, unforgettable moments. A level on which childhood friends become allies for life.

For hair jewelry designer Anastasia Emelina of Nea Milano, it was a matter of the heart to stage this emotional journey in a sophisticated and stylish way. To do this, she enlisted the help of wedding photographer Fabrizio Viganó, who captured her many small stations in touching images.

In fact, why not start the exciting day with a sensual boudoir shoot? The bride-to-be has breakfast and the corresponding daily newspaper delivered directly to the cozy bed of her hotel room at the Hilton Hotel Lake Como, and then enjoys a soothing bath in the freestanding tub with a view.

A joint start to the long-awaited wedding day makes the bride’s nervousness fade away, and exquisite hair accessories by Nea Milano as a thoughtful thank-you gift to her bridesmaids makes their faces shine even happier. Last, joint actions are necessary to transform one of them into a desirable bride. Then the four beauties are ready for one of the most beautiful days of their friendship….

The day culminates on the huge panoramic terrace of the luxury hotel, accompanied by culinary delights and hand-picked wine. This is where people reminisce, look forward to the big day and indulge in the sweet life.

“We wanted to show a slightly different facet of the Bridal Party and incorporate more fun and feminine cohesion into the set.” summarizes hair accessories designer Anastasia Emelina of Nea Milano for us. And this is exactly what Fabrizio Vigano conveys with his expressive images.




PHOTOGRAPHER: Fabrizio Vigano
LOCATION: Hilton Hotel Lake Como
DRESSES: Melania Fumiko
SCENTS & CANDLES: Acqua di Parma
MUAH: Anna Kalytyak
FLOWERS: Figli dei Fiori
RENTALS: Tableset Luxury Rental
RIBBONS: Allegoria Italian Textile Delighths


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