DREAMLIKE Elopement InspirationS


Whenever firewood gets piled up in the back of a house and trees see off their leaves, we know the cold season is about to descend.

Whenever a man´s eyes sparkle and those of a woman literally glint, we know there´s an invisible bond between them.

Whenever big promises are made and dear looks are exchanged, we know this is the beginning of a couple´s happy future.

The power of love warms every heart; the strength of deep feelings warms every soul. The splendor of fresh flowers underlines every beauty; the glance of valuable jewelry accentuates the preciousness of a person.

Photographer Loredana La Rocca and florist and event designer  Inna Wiebe implemented the extravagant bridal dress, a naked cake to die for, a charming groom and selected stationery skillfully into the shabby chic styled Bamberger Haus München.

Natural make-up and hair jewelry by Schönmich Accessoires complemented the styling of this beautiful bride and brought out the main points at the same time.

Lay back and take your time for these wonderful pictures shot by Loredana La Rocca where there´s so much left to discover…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Loredana La Rocca
ASSISTENZ: Christian Di Gangi
KONZEPT + DEKO: Loredana La Rocca und Inna Wiebe
LOCATION: Das Bambergerhaus München
BRAUTKLEID: Anna Kara von La Donna Brautmoden
ANZUG: Carlo Pignatelli von La Donna Brautmoden
BLUMEN + DEKO: Inna Wiebe
HAARSCHMUCK: Brigitte Wegerhoff von Schönmich
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Brigitte Wegerhof von Schönmich
TORTE: Ebru‘s Kitchen Cake Boutique
PAPETERIE: Little pink Butterfly
RING + SCHMUCK: Schmuck der Zeit Michaela Zacher


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