Dreamlike Ice Age


Isn´t it amazing how gorgeous and graceful freezing cold and snow-white ice can be?! These pictures shot by Tali Photography proof it impressively!

Almost elfishly the tender ice-princess floats across the frozen water, only a softly blowing whiff of nothing designed by Ambacher Vidic enshrouds her delicate silhouette.

A filigree tiara and the hair decoration designed by La Chia awards her appearance even more glance and round off the bridal styling perfectly.

The flowers of the wonderfully wild and natural bridal bouquet are also used for the breathtaking cake. Even the stationery picks up this style and the whole color palette! Isn´t it fascinating how much love and passion they put in every single detail?

Even if we want to escape these cold winter days sometimes – this time we allow the unique pictures shot by Tali Photography to take us into this refreshingly cool world that we get goose-bumps from…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Tali Photography
FLORISTIK: Où j’ai grandi
BRAUTKLEID: Ambacher Vidic bei perera/rüsche
ANZUG: Monsieur Agnes
TORTE: Dehly & de Sander
PAPETERIE: Hochzeit mit Konzept



lachia-klein  pereira-klein  maskenraum-klein

             La Chia                             perera/rüsche                       Maskenraum