Dreamy Beach Engagement


He tenderly embraces her face with both hands, to seal their beach engagement with a gentle kiss.

A precious sparkling ring adorns her finger, she can hardly believe how lucky she is: she´s engaged to the greatest man in the world.

At his side the sand feels much softer, every sunset is more beautiful when she´s with him.

With the feet in the sea and in the heart on cloud 7 the world revolves exclusively around them, their love and common future.

Intimate glances are exchanged in the romantic glow of the sinking sun, loving gestures and blissful eyes say way more than 1,000 words ever could…

Luckily the photographer Kayla by K.R. Moreno Photography accompanied the newly engaged couple and watched their first hours as a future bride and groom. Their sense for the right moment to push the buttons on their cameras is fascinating and their gift to capture true feelings is just incredible.

Come with us and get an idea of the unique talent of K.R. Moreno Photography as you look at their soulful pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein







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