Sweeping walls of rock meet the ocean´s width whose waves cling passionately to the rough cliffs. Singing a monotonous song of love that fades gently with the wind.

Yet these two hearts still hear the melody, beating united with the rhythm of this song.

They belong to a bridal couple standing at the edge of tall cliffs looking far into the distance. Looking primarily onto California, in this land of opportunity where they find time for love and their intimate wedding. It´s an atmospheric elopement shoot by photographer Jessica Rose who combines natural elegance and passionate travel lust artfully.

Spacious fields with tall grass lead this bridal couple the way. It´s the width and wild freedom of this magical place that persuades the couple to stay.

Only a blink of an eye away the view onto the deep blue ocean symbolizes the beginning of infinity while delicate fabrics of her dress dance softly in the wind. Just like her hair lovingly adorned with grasses from the fields.

Pure naturalness meets pure love. It doesn´t take more for an unforgettable wedding day in California. We all want to trade our everyday life for a day of romance in the fields, don´t we? Even if it´s just for one little moment.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Jessica Rose Photography
GOWN: Leanne Marshall
MAKE-UP: April Foster Artistry


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