Dreamy Elopement at Middleton Place


Far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and the pressure of a big family wedding, Clay Austin takes us to Charleston, to show us the sunny side of an elopement.

For those who flee from traditions and conventions together they come closer to togetherness with each step. With each additional step unobserved moments increase and the pressure to meet expectations decreases. You feel light and free, carefree and unrestrained.

Endless meadows, no soul far and wide. A dreamy garden, nobody else who disturbs them. A festive ballroom that only their love fills to the remotest corner. This is where the essentials count, where they celebrate their love…

„This project was inspired by the concept of a couple willing to drop everything and flee to Charleston to elope.“ photographer Clay Austin explains.

Together with event designer Lindsay Bishop Events, he wanted to capture the many phases of this special kind of meaningful promise.

„We wanted to encapsulate all the emotions of such an intimate setting, from the bride getting ready in the morning to spontaneous moments of passion in secluded gardens.“ Clay says.

The Middleton Place seemed to be perfect for that purpose: secluded but well-kept, rustic yet elegant, historically without closing itself to modernity.

We are deeply impressed by the fantastic work of art and the romantic story Clay Austin tells with his pictures. 




PHOTOGRAPHER: Clay Austin Photography
VENUE: Middleton Place
RECEPTION DRESS: Gwynn’s (top) Lovely Bride (skirt)
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Ash and Co.
STATIONERY: Isidore & Augustine
CAKE: Tessa Pinner
JEWELRY: Emma Katzka
RING: Victor Barbone
TUX: Charleston Tuxedo
RENTALS: Ooh Events
LINENS: Nuage Designs
CAR: Dream Classic Rentals
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab



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