Dreamy Love Shooting On The Italian Riviera


Turquoise-blue sea, colorful houses, splendid nature, romantic fishing boats and an enamored couple on holiday – are there better ingredients for a spontaneous love shooting on the Italian Riviera? We don´t think so…

Dreamy lagoons surrounded by rugged mountains and colorful facades of the towering houses that you can see from a distance, shape the image of the centuries-old artists’ villages of Cinque Terre.

What kind of deeper meaning a fateful encounter can have Sophia and James found out during their holiday in Italy, where they happened to run into photographer Ludovic Grau-Mingot.

„On a tourist trip, we stumbled upon this couple waiting for a table to be set free to eat in the restaurant. I had my camera around my neck, they asked me if I could make them some pictures.“ Ludovic Grau-Mingot told us about how these wonderfully refreshing pictures emerged.

Delicious Bruschetta for lunch followed by a romantic walk on the Island and a private boat ride to a secluded lagoon, we believe there is no better way to enjoy holidays together than here, at one of the most idyllic spots on earth.

Sophia and James probably realized how lucky they were to meet up with photographer Ludovic Grau-Mingot the moment they saw the impressive souvenir photos he shot. That´s an experience they will never ever forget…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Ludovic Grau-Mingot
MODELS: Sophia Tran-Thomson and James Taylor




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