Dreamy poetry in the lupine field



We dive into the vastness of a lupine field. Blue-purple blossoms are beaming with an amusing bride.

The flower paradise shows itself splendid and beguiling and is playful and light at the same time. The wind gently blows through the delicate pink fabric of the beautiful wedding dress and lets the gossamer fabric glide over the blossoms.

The colorful bridal bouquet by Walnut & Main provides colorful accents and at the same time combines the three great themes of beauty, uniqueness and femininity.

We’re thrilled with so much individuality and dreamy poetry that fine art photographer Tiffany Le used to bring these luminous impressions to life, and are delighted with the colorful and lighthearted variety the shots bring us.



Photographer: Tiffany Le
Floral Artistry: Walnut & Main

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