Éclat Floral – Ode to the Belle Époque

A wedding shoot inspired by François Coty’s fragrances


The Château d’Artigny is located in the picturesque setting of the Loire Valley, famous for its Renaissance castles. Here, wedding planner Mélissa Wilpotte, floral designer Magaly Corviolle from Empreinte N°8 and photographer Thomas Lepaon presented a romantic wedding shoot with floral arrangements inspired by François Coty’s most famous fragrances.

Built in the pure style of the 18th century, the Château d’Artigny conveyed a sense of freedom, elegance and light-heartedness that characterized the Belle Époque. Although the residence dates from the early 20th century, it is reminiscent of the atmosphere of times gone by. François Coty, often referred to as the Napoleon of perfumery, transformed the old “Puy d’Artigny” mansion into a luxurious château.

This shoot, conceived as a sensual walk for two lovers through this historic place, pays tribute to the delicate art of perfume composition. It draws on iconic fragrances that have shaped the fame of François Coty. Each bouquet draws on the majestic rose of its fragrance “La rose Jacqueminot”, the mysterious undergrowth of “Chypre’s” oakmoss, the exoticism of “Jasmin de Corse’s” jasmine, the delicacy of “Iris’s” iris and the fiery presence of “L’œillet de France’s” carnation. All of them merge into an incomparable floral symphony.

The color palette drew its soft, vibrant and decidedly feminine tones from Coty’s “Origan” perfume, with its powdery violet-iris look, and from “Emeraude”, whose white and yellow floral tones cluster around a heart of jasmine and rose, revealing a captivating vanilla base.

The perfume bar designed for this shoot reflected the same aspiration. She presented Coty’s creations with refined floral work, a perfume cap with an Art Nouveau design stopper that mimics the features of the perfumer’s famous original creations.

This shoot was designed for an emancipated, bold and serene bride. Her dresses are both elegant and progressive and reflect the social and cultural upheaval of the time. The dress by Rime Arodaky, exuded irresistible boldness and modernity reminiscent of Coty, who revolutionized the perfume world with his bold, innovative compositions for the women of his era.

Dylan Parienty ‘s dress, on the other hand, wrapped the bride in an evocative romance, reminiscent of Coty’s contemporary era. It is a subtle fusion between past and present, just like the avant-garde creations of this unparalleled perfumer.

The groom, magnetic and authentic, showed an elegant and understated style in his Blandin et Delloye suit.

The wedding cake, like a gastronomic work of art by Wedding Cakes & Co, was reminiscent of the refined aesthetics of a hexagonal perfume bottle, emblematic of Art Nouveau. Its precise geometric details and its top molded in translucent pink sugar imitated the delicacy of a perfume pot made for Coty’s fragrances by a master glassblower in the style of René Lalique. Its modernity was emphasized by its pure whiteness, which was accentuated by silver decorations on the tiers of the cake. It was a tribute to the art of presentation.

Delicately designed by Les mignonneries, the stationery combined sophistication and modernity. Its subtle floral note blended perfectly with the atmosphere of the Château d’Artigny’s reception room, lending the whole a unique and contemporary charm.

The olfactory and visual harmony of this editorial was reminiscent of the way a perfumer arranges fragrances to awaken the senses and invite you to dream. Every bouquet, every detail is an ode to the art of perfumery, to the search for the perfect balance between notes to evoke emotions.

Photographer: Thomas Lepaon
Wedding Planner: Mélissa Wilpotte
Venue: Château d’Artigny
Floristry: Empreinte numero 8
Videography: Audric Odrian
Hair & Make Up: Widnie Alexis
Wedding dresses: Rime Arodaky & Dylan Parienty
Suit: Blandin et Delloye
Rental: Maison Options
Stationery: Les mignonneries
Jewelry: Jonida Ripani
Flatlay: The flatlay design
Wedding cake: Wedding Cakes & Co

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