Elegant and Glamourous Wedding Inspirations


A sea of white roses embedded in lush green foliage, a historic ballroom including an imposing ceiling painting, sweeping chandeliers and evenly shimmering gold get us in the right mood for an elegant and glamourous wedding.

Radiant daylight floods the summer palace of Peter the Great, which today witnesses a glittering party. A groom in a stylish tuxedo awaits his bride in a dazzling white dream, whose arrival is announced by enchanting flower girls.  

Classic yet modern, graceful yet extravagant – the young couple writes their own story. White dominates their day, always caressed by the purest gold. Black and green set accents, emphasize their meaning and value.  

Very often it is only a fine line between exclusivity and decadence, between pomp and show-off, between style and opulence. But with their sure instinct and sense of aesthetics, the event stylists from Peony Studio Events confidently walked this ridge to create wedding inspirations with the X factor.  

They found what they were looking for in St. Petersburg and transformed the imposing summer castle of the former ruler into the beautiful wedding location of a gorgeous bride and groom.

With her trained eye for details, photographer Elena Pavlova captured every elaborately arranged motif and shares them with us in her picture gallery.




PLANNER, CONECPT & DECOR: Peony Studio Events
LOCATION: Summer Palace
DRESS: Malyarova Olga
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Anya Konopleva & Yanina Velberg
JEWELRY: Nch Wedding Jewelry
RINGS: 2213gift
BOX: Bonrenom
CAKE: Nabirka
TAPES: Nature Shades
VIDEO: Studio Moments
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab




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