Elegant Bridal inspirations at Somerleyton Hall


An imperial estate opens its historic doors for us to attend a muse´s wedding.

Precious art adorns ceilings and walls of Somerleyton Hall, where royal splendor is omnipresent. Accurately trimmed and carefully maintained, the castle is surrounded by a sprawling garden, through which several generations of British aristocrats already wandered, just like our bride does today. The only difference is that today´s not just about the beautiful bridal couple….

„This was a story to showcase the stunning wedding venue of Somerleyton Hall with a muse inspired bridal story.“ photographer Louise of Taylor & Porter told us. „We developed the idea of the bridal muse; a woman who is an artist and a free spirit who knows the joys of expressing herself. She dresses in a way which celebrates her tastes and stands out in any crowd.“

An extraordinary woman needs an equally extraordinary ceremony, as well as a timelessly elegant groom at eye level. The event planners of Knot & Pop were clearly aware of that: „The story focused on a luxurious and chic bridal style with the Groom in a tuxedo and the Bride in a stunning dress by Samuelle Couture.“

Even if this castle itself would be exciting enough, the creative team decorated it with their very own handwriting. Splendid flower arrangements of Jo Flowers adorned interior, dinner table and garden and gave a touch of modernity in pale colors to the estate. The palette was kept soft and spring like to suit the time of year it was shot, with buttery yellows mixing with pale pinks, creams and apricots, with touches of gold to add the opulence and bring further warmth to the palette.“

Countless little details helped presenting the fascinating Somerleyton Hall at its best. Photographer Louise of Taylor & Porter has captured every single one of them on expressive images and shares them with us now.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHER: Taylor & Porter
VENUE: Somerleyton Hall
FLORIST: Jo Flowers
DRESSES: Samuelle Couture
HAIR PIECE: Naturae Design
SHOES: Bionda Castana
EARRINGS & RINGS: Zoe & Morgan
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Gemma Sutton
STATIONERY: The Little North Sea Studio
CAKE: Wild Flower Cakes
LINENS: Admirable Crichton
NAPKINS: Silk & Willow and The White Company at Prezola
MODELS: Andrea Smidth at Wilhelmina and James Cumbes at Gingersnap