Grey Elegance


A sea of finest crystals covers the craggy ground just like a soft carpet would do. Flawlessly white and sparkling in the light of the sun it represents the fourth season like no other.

Fancy grey gives glance to the dinner table, contrasting with elegance. Some spots remained untouched by the snow to unite aesthetically with candles, blankets and cloths.

From magnificent flowers, lush and fresh, to blueberries, delicious and sweet – this shooting gives presents to nature that the winter denies.

Yet all these details become supporting actors the moment the bride appears. Pale and beautiful like a snow queen, loving and warm like a queen of hearts…

With her wonderful robe by elfenkleid she literally merges with her supporting acts to close the circle in a graceful way.

In collaboration with the best of the best in the wedding industry wedding planner Sabine Hofmann of HOCHzeiten organized a gorgeous winter shoot with that certain something.

Marina Krimbacher of beau.concept carried out her talent for decoration and floral design while Carolina Auer captured the detailed result skillfully on camera.

Here you can hold the richness of ideas and sure instinct of everyone involved in veneration.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Carolina Auer Photography
ORGANISATION: HOCHzeiten – Sabine Hofmann
DECORATION + FLORALS: beau.concept – Marina Krimbacher
DRESS: elfenkleid
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Hair&Care – Melanie Walch
RING: Ohlicher Saalfelden 
CAKE + FOOD STYLING: Kitchen Story – Carina Grissemann
SHOES: Alberto Zago 




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