Elfish bridal beauty


With a flower crown in her hair or her feet in the water, laid-back on a trunk or kneeling in the soft sand – no matter how or where, every woman has the potential to become a Elfish bridal beauty.

The right light, the perfect angle, a special dress and an exceptional place – sometimes it doesn´t need much more for a magical transformation like this. However, it seems easier than it actually is…

The following pictures show three stunning masterpieces: some lost in thoughts and some confident, some insecure and some longing – impressively showcased by the German artist Claudia Gerhard of 70 Millimeter.

Three personalities, three beauties, three brides. Yet it takes the experienced eye to create fascinating pictures like these.

Sheer dresses by  Anne Wolf swirl around feminine curves while the riverside mirrors in the silent water. Every move makes circles in the water, ever blink of an eye tells its own story.

Only who sees these details and knows how to capture them gets rewarded with aesthetic pictures like those…



FOTOGRAFIE: Claudia Gerhard von 70 Millimeter
KLEIDER: Anne Wolf
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Adriana Klosa 
MODELS: Bettina Lösch, Maike Boysen, Kristin Lin



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