Embracing The Imperfection


„I´m proud to present a styled shoot elopement inspired by the oriental philosophy of Kintsugi: bridal inspirations named “Embracing the imperfection”.“ Gradisca Portento told us excitedly.

A dark, mysterious place with shabby walls and flickering candlelight was just the right atmosphere for this, event planner Silvia Baroncelli thought and filled it with new life. And that’s exactly what it was all about, as the photographer told us: „Embellishing imperfection means bringing things back to life. Through the lines of liquid gold that enhance fractures, the bowl, like life, becomes even more valuable.“

A bowl that in this case symbolizes imperfect beauty and acts as an example which should be followed by many other details. The dried-up flowers from Flovver , believed to be dead, or the extravagant bridal make-up are just an excerpt of what there is to discover here. Even if you sometimes have to look twice at the fascinating pictures of Gradisca Portento, because the essentials are not always immediately visible…

„It´s a photographic story of details, where the focus is the search for harmony, grace and beauty in the rooms, in everyday objects such as flowers that decorate the spaces, the same, with which we metaphorically tell the intimacy of a couple: Jun and Ogai.“ the artist finally explained.

We’re always excited about bridal inspirations of a different kind and hope you like their story as much as we do…


White dress: Daphne Milano  
Ribbons and textiles: Fati Amor  
Floral stylist: Flovver   
Ceramics: Madlen Ceramics   
Perfumes & candles: Olivia Fragrances   
Stylist: Samuele Spadi
Man attire: Sanvenero   
White woman shirt: Sartoria Bassani  
Rings: Simone Verabath  

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