Emmanuelle Marty Photography

Emmanuelle Marty Photography

Wedding and editorial photography


Phone: +33 650 026 835




Emmanuelle Marty is a wedding and editorial photographer with 10 years of experience, she works in a team with her sister Mathilde. They have a poetic, aesthetic and refined style, they specialize in weddings, editorials and fashion art series.

She has lived and worked in Africa for more than 15 years and has traveled through many countries such as Brazil, Panama, USA, Indonesia and Europe. Her first source of inspiration is untouched nature, open, wide spaces and always natural light.

Their passion and total commitment are an essential element in the relationship with their customers. In her opinion, there is nothing more reassuring than working with a reputable and organized service provider.

She has a very artistic and romantic approach to photography, documenting weddings where she manages to create fine art images. Today, Emmanuelle lives on the Côte d’Azur and runs several projects: Exhibition photography, volunteer work in projects to support women and children. She is an artist and sees photography as a way to express herself, to translate a story, to convey emotions with poetry, aesthetics and passion.


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