Emotional beach engagement session



Antoine and Marie wanted to celebrate their love on the beautiful beach of Nieuwpoort in Belgium with a romantic engagement session.

The two are originally from Lille and met and fell in love in Brisbane, Australia. Since then, they have never separated and now live together in Paris. The couple is characterized by their kindness and liveliness. Antoine is French and Marie is of French-Japanese descent, it is a beautiful blend of cultures that is the strength of the couple.

They chose Nieuwpoort, the jewel of Belgium, to realize this precious moment together with photographer Laura Gelfged.

The words of Jacques Brel illustrate this perfectly:

“If only the North Sea is
the last no man’s land,
when the waves of the dunes
block the waves from the beach.
When the surge washes over the reef at low tide,
and when many a heart feels ebb forever,
comes that surge of fog that drowns you.
When the wind comes from the east,
My land holds fast to him.
My flat land, Oh, you are mine.”

The setting is idyllic, the beach seems to stretch for miles at low tide and the sunset makes the sand and water glow a beautiful pink.

The photo session begins on the white sand dunes at the edge of the beach. The emotion is reflected in the looks and the softness of the gestures. The couple moves towards the mythical huts of Nieuwpoort, then to the pier where the reflection of the water creates magnificent images.

Whether they are dancing on the beach or walking on the sand, the bond of the couple is obvious! These are magical moments captured in poetic images by Laura Gelfged that will remain forever in the memory.