Bridal Boudoir – Tempting Femininity


A new day squints sleepy in the bright sun, sending a morning breeze to dispel the night´s clouds. Powerful and chilly through the door to her side of the bed, to carry off the bride lovingly from her sleep.

She feels this young moment´s magic with her heart. Inhaling the morning air, enjoying silence, having time to herself. While the wind falls playfully in love with her dressing gown she gets lost in thoughts of the man who loves her.

Longingly she leaves the place of her dreams, starting to live her life. Finest lace emphasizes her femininity, sheer fabrics swirl around her silhouette. She strolls the house, always hoping to find her luck…

Thanks to the rising popularity of bridal boudoir shoots we can now share some tempting pictures with you! Photographer Shannon Von Eschen took them at a Kurt Boomer Photography workshop where sensual femininity gained the center stage.

Styled by the great stylists of Joy Proctor Design the scenery became a wonderful piece of art which Shannon Von Eschen wants to share with us in her wonderful picture gallery! Get ready to be amazed!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


PHOTOGRAPHER: Shannon Von Eschen
WORKSHOP: Kurt Boomer Photography
STYLING: Joy Proctor Design
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Jess Wilcox
VINTAGE GOWNS + LINGERIE: Girl With a Serious Dream
CANDLES: Creative Candles
VENUE: Sunstone Villa
RING: Trumpet & Horn


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