Enchanted Bridal Inspirations


Inch by inch ivy twines along the trunk, lively and vividly green. It´s a time-withered tree´s vital spirit. Bending towards mother earth as its strength begins to fade.

Unknowing that it is this foreign beauty uniting him and all the immemorial trees in the park. Weathered and tired yet mysterious and enchanted at the same time they gleam with grace as is a bride´s due.

Through brachiate branches, down old stone stairs and along lonely gravel paths the bride honors this piece of nature with her glance. Joined by a bouquet of wild flowers, followed by her elegant train.

Extravagance and outlandishness mirror in every of Perry Vaile´s pictures he shares with us here. From the location and floral elements to the bride – perfection and uniqueness seem to be first priority.

If you are looking for plain yet exclusive bridal inspirations, you shouldn´t miss these amazing pictures shot by Perry Vaile!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Perry Vaile Photography
DRESS: Carol Hannah Bridal
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Teighla Norris
ACCESSOIRES: Petals & Stones
VENUE: Middleton Place, Charleston, South Carolina
MODEL: Venita Aspen


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