ENCHANTED Femininity by Atelier Twardowska


Like a second skin precious lace clings to every curve, like a beet of scented life the bouquet blooms in her hands.

Like valuable gemstones a queens crown tender buds grace a brides head, like love for life white pearls adorn her hair.

Innocent purity, sheer romance, modern elegance and graceful fragility unite to become a masterpiece of beauty…

Photographer PaulinaWeddings succeeded in showcasing femininity in its purest form with her pictures of this breathtaking collection by Atelier Twardowska.

Filigree, delicate and light like some brides themselves; vivid, blooming and powerful like their hearts full of love – this is how the two Polish designers Karolina & Agnieszka present their stunning collection.

We just can´t get enough of these detailed pieces of art created by the two artists and are very excited to dive with you into the fantastic world of pictures by PaulinaWeddings

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PRODUCTION + PHOTOGRAPHY: PaulinaWeddings Photography
WEDDING DRESSES: Atelier Twardowska
FLORIST: Kwiatowe Atelier Katarzyna Pawluk 
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Laura Karaś Make up Artist
MODEL: Klaudia Szychowicz



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