Enchanted Forest Bride Impressions


Lovingly ivy snuggles into the trees. The earth is warm and moist. Lush green grass stretches itself towards the sun. Everything is waiting for her…

Gracefully and innocently she steps along the seamed forest path, purposefully into her luck. A floor-length dreamlike white dress enwraps her delicate appearance, holding a wildly looking yet perfectly beautiful bouquet in her hands.

It´s a magical atmoshpere that photographer Michael Radford and florist Amanda from Mandolin Flowers created here. We can almost hear the silence and the crackle that filled the mysterious forest.

„Our shoot took place in a moody, enchanted forest hidden in the midst of San Francisco.” photographer Michael Radford told us. „The location and all of the elements, in combination with simplistic offers inspiration for the San Fransisco Bride and Groom who want a quick escape from the modern, city wedding.”

Even florist Amanda from Mandolin Flowers can´t stop raving: „After visiting the location and being surrounded by a never-ending variety of lush greens, I knew the soft plum hellebore would be just the flower to deepen the color palette.”

That´s how the team set classy highlights with powerful shades of plum to loosen their natural color concept and let the untouched beauty of the forest sink in.

Come with us and see for yourselves what simple yet fascinating world photographer Michael Radford captured on distincitve pictures for us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHER: Michael Radford Photography
FLORALS & STYLING: Amanda of Mandolin Flowers
DRESS: Alexandra Grecco
HAIR STYLING: Ashley Smith
MAKE-UP: Priscilla Francine
LOCATION: Mt. Davidson, San Francisco
MODEL: Courtney Paige Nelson of Scout Models




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