Enchanting Boudoir Impressions


It´s bright outside yet we see candles flickering on the barn´s floor. Moody, romantic, dreamy.

Nature is blooming outside yet the bride gets her fresh flowers into the barn. Fragrant, vivid, wild.

This is where she can be herself, beguiling with her charms. Insecure and shy at first, then self-confident and alluring.

Her make-up is subtle, her hair loose and slightly waved. But the stage is due to the delicate fabrics lovingly encasing her…

Once again a great workshop generated beguiling pictures and captivating bridal inspirations. This time it was Amanda Watson Workshop on which Michelle Leach by Magnolia Adam´s Photography participated to present us her result now.

„One of my favorite parts of this experience was how a sheer piece of tulle could change the entire look and feel of the shoot.“ the photographer told us excitedly.

The location The White Sparrow was literally made for tender impressions with a whiff of boudoir by Girl & A Serious Dream like those, decorated by event designer Lindsey Zamora with small but mighty details like the flower arrangements by Poppy Lane Design.

Now it was up to the workshop attendees like Michelle Leach by Magnolia Adam´s Photography to capture the set´s amazing atmosphere. 

Translation: Marina Jenewein


boudoir-braut-inspirationen-romantisch_0003 boudoir-braut-inspirationen-romantisch_0004boudoir-braut-inspirationen-romantisch_0026


PHOTOGRAPHY: Magnolia Adam´s Photography
WORKSHOP: Amanda Watson Workshops 
DESIGN: Lindsey Zamora
ATTIRE: Girl & A Serious Dream
FLORALS: Poppy Lane Design
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Beauty & The Blush
VENUE: The White Sparrow
MODEL: Caroline Wilder


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