Boudoir – Femininity In Its Purest Form


Her blonde curls fall smoothly over her naked shoulders before a light pink dressing gown covers them softly. Valuable lace veils her body underneath the gown, hiding what only one pair of eyes is allowed to see.

A woman´s body per se already is a particular piece of art. Temptingly wrapped and aesthetically staged it becomes a master piece of femininity.

Like the one that event stylist  Karis Crawford and photographer  Jenna McElroy recently created among Austin´s mountains.

Inspired by the grace and romance they simulated the quiet, lonely moments of a bride dreaming of her upcoming wedding.

With selected fabrics, lingerie and decorative elements Karis and Jenna gave their bride a whiff of vintage which modern brides will love.

Photographer  Jenna McElroy captured the bride´s natural beauty, that reflected in every corner of the setting, with her camera.

Let´s get carried away into the day dreams of a bride…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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STYLIST: Karis Crawford
FLORIST: Valerie Wolf – Davy Gray
CALLIGRAPHY: Samantha Burnett – Wondrous Whimsy
RENTALS: Loot Vintage Rentals
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Makenzi Laine
VENUE: Stems
FILM LAB: PhotoVision



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