Enchanting Desert Elopement



The love between you and me doesn´t concern anyone else. We don´t need to proof our feelings to anybody else but us. I swear fidelity to you like you swear fidelity to me. Whatever this is, it is our treasure…

A treasure that gets more valuable and precious the more intimate and private we nourish and cherish it. A treasure that unites two people, preferably for ever. A treasure you don´t find easily and everywhere.

The following dreamlike pictures shot by photographer Jacquelyn Hayward show us what to do once we found it: holding on to it and make it yours with a most private wedding. Just like this airily elopement shoot at the Bryce Canyon national park in Utah.

Among its faded nature the tender pastel colors show off perfectly which florist Nicole Land of Soil and Stem worked up in her wonderful flower arrangements and the bridal head pieces.

The images shot by Jacquelyn Hayward seem delicate and blithe having that certain something with a stunning bridal gown by Gossamer Vintage. Here´s central what counts: bride and groom and their mutual treasure…


PHOTOGRAPHER: Jacquelyn Hayward
FLOWERS: Nicole Land of Soil and Stem
DRESS: Gossamer Vintage
RIBBON: Frou Frou Chic + Sage Floral
SUIT: J.Crew
FILM LAB: The Find Lab



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