Barefooted and carefree she strolls across lush meadows to the beach, inhaling the fresh sea-breeze and presenting us the natural beauty of a bride.

The white dress dances jaunty with the wind, exuberant and free like her deepest thoughts. Also her veil drifts and wraps her softly, tenderly stroking her face.

Her way to the beach must have been lined by peonies since she carries a fresh picked bouquet as scented accessory in her arms. In radiant red and shy rosé.

This is where she let´s her sorrows go, watching them fly away as strong and confident woman. Now she´s ready, ready for a life of two.

Obviously, it´s not just a rumor that a bride´s shining eyes and blessed smile make her even more beautiful. That´s what photographer Kristin La Voie poofs here in a very impressive way.

„In a bridal industry saturated with the overdone, overmade, and oversexed, I set out to create a natural bridal editorial focusing on the beauty of nature.“ the talented artist told us.

„She holds a breathtaking bunch of freshly grown in season peonies, and wears a hand-stitched Alyssa Kristin gown and veil that fit her personality perfectly. Her hair and makeup are completely au natural; highlighting her features in the golden light is all she needs.“

What a wonderful idea to focus on the essentials again and to bring feminine beauty into effect! We are thrilled by the result and can´t wait to dive with you into the picture gallery of Kristin La Voie.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristin La Voie Photography
DRESS: Alyssa Kristin



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