It´s all about the location


The ground is covered with dry foliage, moss springs out of crag. This place seems cold, craggy and abandoned yet it´s about to shine like new.

Grapevine leaves twine along the plates, stroking softly every glass. The table is set in anticipation of a marvelous feast.

Candles tall and small lead the bride´s right way. Excitedly flickering with the beat of her heart, conducting her into her future luck.

Every wedding starts with the choice of location. It depends on the couple what they are going to turn it into. The following pictures shot by Amelia Johnson show impressively how spectacular and classy even a hidden and mysterious place can be.

In collaboration with Claire Duran Weddings, who lost herself in her work as organizer and stylist, she created expressive pictures of fascinating inspirations.

The right jewelry, a dreamlike dress, elegant stationery and a stunning cake presented in the proper light turned this cold building of stones and cliffs into a romantic and elegant wedding location.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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COORDINATION + STYLING: : Claire Duran Weddings & Events
FLOWERS:  Haley Tobias Events
GOWN: : The Bridal Salon at Saks Jandel (gown by Vera Wang)
MAKE-UP: Valerie Hammer Makeup Artistry
HAIR: Shana Dee
CALLIGRAPHY: : Allison Dee Calligraphy
RENTALS: Select Event Group
CAKE: : Catherine George
NAPKINS: Silk and Willow
MODEL: : Amelia Chai

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