Unique Enchantment: Evening Light Bride


The spell of romance among nature – nothing matches better, nothing implicates so much excitement and unforgettable sensuality.

The evening light, the rough nature and the delicate bride wearing innocent white. This is what happens when these components turn enchantment into an artful wedding picture. Wedding photographer Rebecca Konrad is aware of that fact and took her bride to a wide meadow with tall grass somewhere in the middle of Germany.

While tall blades of grass bow devoutly to her with the cool breeze the bride strides towards distance wearing a lovely bridal dress by Viktoria Shokun. The widths of the fields attract her leading her to an evenly unknown future as bride-to-be. Nature´s barren scenery covers her feminine sweetness and turns it into wild bohemian passion. A new liaison of land and bride occurs casting a spell over us.

What a unique enchantment in the middle of nowhere. The romantic bride as the only protagonist who became mistress of unruly natural spectacles. Elegant freedom beats trackless province to come out as winner of passionate contrasts. This is what artful wedding pictures must look like. The ones that let us feel this unbending power again even after decades.

And this is why photographer Rebecca Konrad recommends: “Try to leave your party, maybe between to courses of your dinner, to go outside and shoot some breathtaking pictures at sundown!”

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Rebecca Konrad Fotografie
BRAUTKLEID: Viktoria Shokun










  Viktoria Shokun

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