Fabio and Patricia – deep feelings in Portugal


Tender gestures, intense kisses and loving looks – Fabio and Patricia show us the meaning of big love and deep feelings. Laboda Wedding Photography captured all of them to share them with us…

Love was written in their faces during their styled shoot at the Nossa Senhora do Cabo church in Portugal where they enjoyed some valuable moments of togetherness.

It´s like an invisible band that makes this cute couple inseparable and became visible on the pictures of Dennis and Ulli of Laboda Wedding Photography.

As if their souls were talking quietly and their hearts agreed upon the same beat. Without any words they walk the same path.

He holds her tight, won´t let her go. His lips don´t want to leave hers, his eyes don´t want to look somewhere else but into hers…

What a beautiful place, what a gorgeous couple! Casual yet stylish Fabio and Patricia cherished their feelings near Lisbon and experienced unforgettable moments together.

Discreetly Laboda Wedding Photography took the backseat to come back home with these authentic and loving pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FOTOGRAFIE: Laboda Wedding Photography
BRAUTKLEID: Emanuel Hendrik 
HAARE UND MAKE-UP: Andrea England
ANZUG: The Bloke
LOCATION: Nossa Senhora do Cabo Church – Portugal



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