Fairytale-Like Bridal Inspirations


A dreamy castle, surrounded by a well-tended garden, safely sheltered in the heart of France, opens its doors to fairytale-like bridal inspirations.

Inside the rooms are decorated with stucco and precious paintings, outside there are columns and stone statues spreading historic charm.

Daylight floods the rooms as if this bride had brought them out of their hibernation. All in white, with a gorgeous bouquet in her hand, she kisses every nook and cranny awake.

It seems as if the powerful pink, the delicate rose and the dark purple of her roses are a kind of elixir of life that makes the heart of the estate start beating again…

This artful photographs shot by Mariel Hannah originated at a grandiose workshop of Lovin Concept at the Chateau de Montgobert, which drew special attention to the floral arrangements of Floresie.

However, they had to share the participant´s attention with this stunning venue as well as the splendid wedding dress by Mathilde Marie, which inspires with simple sophistication.

Let´s get enchanted by photographer Mariel Hannah who takes us into the world of a princess as we sink into her unique images…

Translations: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER Mariel Hannah Photography
WORKSHOP Lovin Concept
STYLING Lovin Concept
VENUE Chateau de Montgobert
FLOWERS Floresie
STATIONERY Kelsey Malie Calligraphy
TIARA Lizeron
GOWN Mathilde Marie
SILK RIBBON Fleuropean
LINEN COVER TABLE Mademoiselle Coton




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