First Day of Spring


Do you remember the first day of spring this year? The chirping of the birds in love, the scent of the blossoming nature and the warmth of the sunrays that finally awoke from their hibernation?  

It sounds, smells and feels like a new life. Young, easy and carefree. And that is exactly the kind of feeling that fine art photographer Sue Neuenschwander was recently inspired by for her current styled shoot.  

It was a minimalist styled shoot – a bride, her natural look and three unusual wedding dresses. Concentrated on the essentials, but thoughtfully and wisely selected.  

The result were fine art bridal inspirations that are somehow different, but maybe that’s exactly why they are so fascinating. They cope without elaborate flower arrangements and detailed table decoration, and still thrill with exciting motifs.  

What´s most important: that everyone recognizes the lightness and naturalness of this bride, which she sprays with every of her poses – just like a young spring would too.

So let´s get carried away by the magnificent shots of Sue Neuenschwander and this gorgeous spring bride…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



MAKE-UP & HAIR: Sinem Yavsaner
FILM LAB: Photovision Prints