Floral Bridal Inspirations


Single blossoms that adorn the hair of a bride or a convolute of flowers in her arms are opening the gallery of these floral wedding inspirations.

Florist Amy Nicole Floral Design is a true artist and well-known size of her industry. With her stunning works of fine art, she proves impressively why.

Whether dried up and colorless or flowering and beautiful, in the hands of Amy floral elements become a highlight for any wedding. Sometimes as a sash around the silhouette of a bride, sometimes as a centerpiece for the dinner table – each of her pieces of art is elaborately designed and unique.

Among the perfect venue and harmoniously combined with the right dress and jewelry bride and flower arrangements unfold their full glory. Just like here complementing the Gossamer lace robe by Dreamers and Lovers, which slides down the silhouette of the bride light as a feather.

Photographer Lara Lam was behind the scenes and on stage of this fascinating shoot and took amazing pictures of Amy´s filigree masterpieces that gave that certain something to every motif.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER: Lara Lam Photography
FLORALS: Amy Nicole Floral Design
WARDROBE: Dreamers and Lovers
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Hikari Murakami


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