Floral Bridal Inspirations


Single blossoms, delicate leaves thoughtfully draped on stunning paper goods put is the mood for gorgeous floral bridal inspirations.

A sea of fresh flowers floods the room, filling it with a familiar sweet scent. Lush green foliage clings to blooming bods, climbing up bare walls.

In the arms of a beautiful bride or in the center of a laid table every flower fully unfolds to compete with sensual femininity for our attention.

A plain backdrop is the little secret of great impact focusing on dresses, flowers and stationery. This is how they gain the devotion they deserve.

Once again it´s one of event stylist Ginny Au’s  workshops that makes us speechless. With her incredible instinct she placed and arranged every little detail to create a harmonious scenery.

Fascinating flower arrangements by Bows and Arrows grace the set in bold colors while stunning dresses by Samuelle Couture bring the necessary whiff of extravagance to it.

The great photographer Heather Hawkins  was part of the team when brides and set got styled to perfection and want to share these moments now with us.



PHOTOGRAPHY: Heather Hawkins 
WEDDINGDRESS: Samuelle Couture
VENUE: Hickory Street Annex 
PAPER: Signorae MareScript Merchant 
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Kaela Rawson



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