Floral Bridal Inspirations


The scent of fresh flowers reaches our noses, stunning colors spoil our view – together they find fulfillment within floral bridal inspirations, refreshingly light and heavenly beautiful.

Sheer fabrics, ancient furniture and a lovingly arranged tablescape divine a wonderful vintage wedding to which the bride and her bridesmaids show up with opulent floral decorations.

Surrounded by a fascinating aura the three ladies float gracefully across land and sea, captivating with their beauty, beguiling with noble elegance. Their looks becharm and take us back to bygone days…

Recently the photographers Aksana and Walter Schmidt of Liebeslinse got the great opportunity to make their fascinating visions alive among the incredible studio of flower artist Bernhard Weimar of Blumen Weimar.

„Every season the wonderful object artist and florist Bernhard Weimar creates a unique exhibition.“ the successful team explains. “With his new collection “FLEUR DE CHIC 2017” he once again surpassed himself and inspires countless visitors with seven acoustic spaces that take us with vegetative objects into an unbelievable world of colors, light and shapes.”

The result turned out to be as special as the venue itself as we can see on the impressive pictures shot by Liebeslinse.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Liebeslinse by Aksana & Walter
WEDDING DRESS: Fräulein Liebe
FLORALS & VENUE: Blumen Weimar e.K mit Bernhard Weimar
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Hair Club-Daniela Penndorf
MODELS: Elisabeth Decker, Mona Scharlawski, Sarah De Miguel


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