Floral Romance


Every strong winter is followed by the tender sweetness of an early summer. Revealing itself with vivid colors to give gentle glee to the bride. Yes, subtle elegance and care-free happiness have always been a great match.

And also this time they unite within a wonderful liaison of floral magic so that we already have spring fever. Why wait?

In collaboration with hair stylist Lena Schleweis photographer Ashley Ludaescher created delicate bridal looks to visualize spring awakening.

Sheer fabrics cling to the feminine silhouette. Painting a new bride telling of true love with her lovingly elegant attitude. She does that in a loosely falling lace dress and with colorful flower arrangements by Mary Lennox. Oh, how adorable the sweet scented Lily of the valley looks in the bride´s hair!

A natural look with a lovely kind of elegance. A whiff of pure life pulsates within this wedding idea turning every woman into a modern flower queen.

And as the white veil tries to cover her face but showcases her beauty instead we know: floral romance is true love!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Ashley Ludaescher Photography
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Lena Schleweis Hair & Make-up Salon
FLORALS: Mary Lennox Flowers
BEADED DRESS: Needle & Thread



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