“Fly Me To The Stars” – Pronovias reaches for the stars in 2020


With the spectacular new collection “Cruise Collection” Pronovias 2020 reaches for the stars and brings the most beautiful of them to us on earth.

An infinite number of these sparkling celestial bodies protect us night after night, faithfully accompany planets on their rounds and point the way to distant galaxies.

They make us dream of immortality and comprehend the inexplicable. They make us believe in magic and trust in imperishability. Each one is a bright shining symbol of love.

Inspired by the glamorous sparkle and glitter of a jet-black night sky, stunning wedding dresses were created, meaningfully named by the designers after moons, stars and constellations.

It wasn’t easy, but for you we have gathered here the three most extraordinary, extravagant and glamorous wedding dresses, our absolute favorites. So sit back and let the stars of the collection work their magic on you:


Bellatrix, sensual minimalism

Named after a star of the radiant Orion constellation, the wedding dress Bellatrix may surprise you only at second glance. With its figure-hugging cut and simple front, it’s the back, an exciting illusion back that makes your heart flutter with silver and white lace flowers.




Galatea, seductive transparency

While a bodice lined with white pearls carefully traces the feminine silhouette, the multi-layered tulle skirt hugs the bride’s legs. Soft curves and gentle waves underline the advantages of femininity and beguile with subtle transparency in the right places. The gorgeous wedding dress Galatea owes its name to a celestial body that floats weightlessly around Neptune’s orbit, in reference to the heavenly lightness it exudes.



Juliet, dramatic glamour

Clearly visible but delightfully unobtrusive, this sweeping ball gown glitters thanks to the fine tulle that barely noticeably drapes over the wide skirt. A timeless interplay of silver beads, cream-colored beads and small sequins also makes the delicate bustier shine gracefully and makes the wedding dress Juliet in combination with delicate flowers, and swirling leaves the epitome of true love. In memory of Shakespeare’s famous heroine…



You want more? Then enjoy the journey through the night, with the new Pronovias collection!

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