Footprints In The Sand


We follow footprints in the sand and pass uprooted trees, overgrown with ivy. Silence is omnipresent, interrupted only by soft waves coming ashore.

Abandoned, untouched, almost undetected, we leave Mother Earth the freedom to unfold. In the eyes of an artist, stones, wood and foliage become a unique piece of art.

Withdrawn in the solitude of nature and with the best view of the sinking sun a newly engaged couple looses themselves in romantic day dreams. The presence of each other makes them aware that their dream has already come true…

Photographers Karolina Horner from Kalinka Photography documented with restraint, how this charming couple celebrated their engagement. Dancing barefooted, intimately cuddling and exchanging adoring looks they seem to float on a cloud and to forget the world around them.

The wonderful result: an authentic picture gallery full of familiar gestures, loving touches, tender kisses and unforgettable moments of togetherness forever captured by Kalinka Photography.

Translation: Marina Jenewein












  Kalinka Photogrpahy


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