Footprints in the sand


Do wedding dresses always have to be white? This majestic composition of a copper gold dress by Emily Riggs  – tailored from the finest silk tulle in France – and the big, earthy rocks takes our breath away. The sand is wet but firm; the bride wants to go barefoot.

She waits in a cave at the heart of the rocks. From here, she looks out onto the restless waves. She wears a garland of pink flowers in her hair. She looks at the web of moss and the dense firs that have established themselves on rock edge.

Here in the open air, a rough wind rages. She sets out to the shore. She holds the tulle tightly. She lets her hair fall freely. Why would you hold something that wants to be free? She leaves her beautiful bouquet of Selva Floral Design on the sand. A seagull a few meters above her studies the colors sent out by our shadowy world.

Now, the bride is dancing with a veil made of tulle. She feels free and light. The cloth of the dress embraces and leaves her in the same moment. Far behind, a ray of sunshine appears. Maybe the storm will soon be over. Maybe it will start all over again.

The little flowers in her garland lie peacefully on a stone while the bride runs towards the water. She leaves footprints in the sand.

Once more the artful images by picture poet  M. K. Sadler  leave us speechles.


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DRESSES: Emily Riggs Bridal 
FLORAL DESIGN: Selva Floral Design 
MAKE-UP: Sokha Sok 
HAIR: Ambrosia Carey
MODEL: Skye Sarenana-Velten 


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