Forest Poseidon



Dramatic yet so soft, the young sunlight penetrates from behind through the thin, black fabric. Bright and yet so delicate, it inspires the color palette for the impressions of sensual femininity by photographer Ann Imagines.

Bright orange and warm earth tones dominate, even though bright white and juicy green are fighting for attention. But the play with light and shadow is too extraordinary and spectacular, and so they fit their role as an extra.

A careful wind underlines the dramaturgy. Magically changes the image in the background, dances lovingly with the weightless panels of a dress, which nestles barely noticeable to the silhouette of an innocent beauty.

True beauty, graceful paleness and the soft brown of her hair suggest that she is the artful result of this natural symbiosis, curiously exploring a strange world with her fawn eyes.

The fantastic shots of Ann Imagines also make us curious! It´s not bridal shoot nor a boudoir session, yet sensual, seductive and feminine.

With a few simple pieces of jewelery, a handful of accessories and a skilful break in style, bridal stylist Anastasya Tagunova  completely redesigned the image of a strong and at the same time vulnerable woman.

Have we also aroused your curiosity? Then immerse yourself in the great imagery of Ann Imagines.




BRIDE STYLE Anastasya Tagunova 



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